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We help you to feel comfortable preparing for your retirement while raising a family and enjoying life now.

Our Services

CFP - Certified Financial Planner
Certified Financial Planner® certification is the industry gold standard in financial planning. CFP professionals are the largest identifiable body of licensed financial planners in Canada with over 17,500 individuals meeting the strict standards to attain this designation.
Retirement Planning
By looking at the many aspects of what retirement means to clients and building a plan to assist in reaching the goals set out in the discussion. We look at not just the financial aspect of retiring; but, housing, mental and lifestyle goals of each client
Life Insurance - Disability
Life insurance can help ensure your family maintains their standard of living if you die. It can also help pay off debts or cover final expenses such as funeral costs.

Weekly Market Updates - July 18 - 22

News From Last Week
Equity markets had a wonderful week! One of the best ever across North America and Europe. Based on strengthening U.S. economic data; major markets moved higher.
What To Expect This Week
Cleveland, OH will host the Republican National Convention; Donald Trump will accept the nomination for President in this autumn’s election . . . Canada will be affected, ‘how’ is uncertain at this point.

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